New Parent Success Coaching

Empowering New Parents Every Step of the Way

No one will ever say becoming a parent is easy 

but it doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming or scary

Imagine being a new parent who

  • Trusts your own intuition and feels confident in your parenting decisions

  • Enjoys the newborn phase with less anxiety and worry

  • Is the best version of yourself for you and your baby


You can have this experience and so much more!

Happy Family

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Building Strong Parents - One Step at a Time

Having worked with hundreds of families, I know that every family is unique. Your vision of parenthood and the challenges you face are not the same as your sister, your best friend, or “experts” on Google. The advice you receive - although well-meaning - just isn’t for you. You need someone who will walk with you on your journey into parenthood. 


When we work together, your family, your needs, and your situation will be the focus. I will come to your home, listen to your questions, and provide the support you need in that moment. With a calming presence, I will validate your concerns and struggles and help you learn to move forward.


In ongoing weekly coaching sessions, I will guide you as you create a vision of your life as a parent and together we will create a plan to build a strong foundation. You will discover that you can trust your intuition, that you have everything within you to be a great parent, and that you are in control. 


I will provide education and resources that will help you navigate all of the decisions that come along with becoming a parent without bias, judgment, or agenda.

Journey to Parenthood Package 

3-month individual coaching and consulting package

12 weekly 1-on-1 individual coaching sessions

 Every week we will meet for one hour via video to acknowledge the challenges, celebrate your wins, and help you grow into the parent you want to be. This is your journey and I am here to support you every step of the way.


2 In-home or virtual postpartum visits

Use this time to ask your new parent questions and receive hands-on support. I will come to your home and provide hands-on assistance with whatever you need at that moment (up to 3 hours). I provide care for you and the baby, show you new techniques for feeding and soothing, offer reassurance and comfort, and make you feel confident in your new role.


Customized prenatal or new parent class

You have taken prenatal classes but still have questions and want to understand more. I will curate a class just for you that might include breastfeeding, newborn care, parent self-care, nutrition, building your support network, returning to work, and much more.


Access to my preferred resources list

There are so many different types of professionals available to help you on your new parent journey. Knowing what you need and how to find the right provider can be overwhelming. I can demystify the process, provide recommendations, and even offer an introduction to a wide variety of service providers. 

Are you ready to invest in your success as a new parent?

$2499 for 3 months 

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Amanda Hemm

Hi, I'm Amanda, your New Parent Success Coach!

I have been working with new families since 2014 as a postpartum doula, a lactation education, and a facilitator of new parent groups. I'm also a co-founder of Soutiens, a company that consults with organizations about how to best support working parents. These experiences, as well as my own as a mother of two, have validated my belief that there is no one "right" way to be a parent and we all have parenting instincts that are good for our families. Sometimes we just need a little help recognizing and trusting them.

This is an intimate and vulnerable phase of life and you deserve to have someone with experience and professionalism with you every step of the way. I would be honored to be your guide.

Parents Just Like You

"My new family was absolutely enriched by Amanda’s presence as we began our first chapter. While I had the foresight to hire a postpartum doula, I know now that I was not prepared for how challenging the postpartum time can be. I was so glad I had Amanda at my side. I really feel like many of the practices I’ve grown to rely on as a mom in this first year I can trace to Amanda in those first few weeks. Informed by her professional experience, she guided me and my husband in a way that was both gentle and encouraging. And through it all, she was a delight to be with. My baby of course loved her.

Even though life is much calmer now, and I feel like an old pro at motherhood, I can’t get enough of Amanda- we still keep in touch and I hope to periodically pop in and reconnect with her as my little girl grows! In short, I highly recommend this generous, nurturing, kind (and smart!) soul to anyone looking for postpartum care."

Katherine S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do people usually work with you during pregnancy or postpartum?

Both! Some parents prefer to get a jump start on preparations and we begin working together in the last trimester and continue through the first weeks or even months after the baby arrives. Other parents feel that they would prefer support after the baby arrives and we tend to focus more on transitions including returning to work.


Is this program just for moms or can partners participate too?

Good question! Typically I work with one primary parent (which is often the birthing mother) but partners are welcome if you feel that is beneficial. Partners are encouraged to participate in the educational class and the in-home visits if they are available. 


I am having my second child. Can I still participate?

Yes! I often work with second time (or third time) parents who recognize that things didn’t go as smoothly the first time as they had hoped and they want to do things differently. Being a parent to two children poses different challenges and you deserve support through this time of life as well!


I think I will need more than 2 in-home visits. Can I add-on to this package?

Absolutely! Babies and new parenthood bring lots of surprises. We can add on services at any time.

Let's do this!! How do I sign up?

I love the enthusiasm! Schedule a call or email me to get started.