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Coaching for New Parents

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Family Friendly Culture

Create an environment that works for new parents 

Across the US, new parents at struggling; And so are their employers

The statistics are clear: 50% of new mothers don’t return to work within three months after giving birth. Nearly a third don’t return within the first year, and roughly 20% of new mothers quit the workforce entirely. This puts companies at risk of losing a significant population of highly trained, experienced employees, an unfortunate and partially avoidable business expense.

The lack of support for working parents is hurting parents, companies, and society. This is a social problem but also an economic problem. By investing in working-parent friendly practices, companies will positively impact their bottom line.

Specializing in developing comprehensive programming to help parents navigate the realities of juggling the priorities of career and parenthood, Amanda works with client companies to create events that fit their culture and realities. Everything Amanda offers is designed to:


  • shift company cultures to better support working parents of all kinds,

  • build community among parents in the workplace, and

  • help working moms and dads to succeed at work and home.

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