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Journey to Motherhood:
Summer 2022 Group

A program for ambitious, driven mamas-to-be

You've waited for just the right time - for your career, or love, or science - and now the wait is over.


You've endured the cycles of hope and disappointment and you never gave up.

Your dreams are coming true - you have a baby on the way!

This program is made specifically for you!

Baby Decorative Sign

You're a smart, successful woman who has achieved so much in life - a thriving career, the respect of your peers, financial freedom. Yet somehow you feel anxious with the realization that there is so much that you don’t know about becoming a mom. 


There are hundreds of decisions ahead of you, plans that need to be put in place, and so much to learn. With only a limited time to do so - less 6 months to be precise!


You've turned to your usual support system but your girlfriends are either past the baby stage or aren’t planning on becoming parents at all. 


If this sounds familiar, dedicate the next 6 months to preparing yourself so the time you have with your newborn has more joy and less stress.


Imagine what your pregnancy experience will feel like when you:

  • Surround yourself with women who get it, support you, and celebrate you

  • Have a guide who will hold your hand and help you define your transition to motherhood

  • Learn to trust your maternal instincts and gain confidence in your decision making

  • Feel prepared to be the mom that you have always wanted to be

  • Make friendships that will continue through your parenting journey


The Journey to Motherhood Group is a small cohort program for expectant mothers who have babies due in the summer of 2022. Members are driven, ambitious women who are excited about becoming a mom and believe in the value of community.

Community Meetings

Person Participating in Video Call

Monthly meet-ups chock full of timely information where you can connect with peers, ask questions, and set goals.


6 monthly meetings begin 3/1

1-on-1 Coaching

Parents with Newborn Baby

Meet with your coach to talk about your specific family situation, as questions that are more private, and get encouragement at key points.

Partners are welcome

Timely Resources

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

Library of workbooks, checklists, and more that will enable you to put into action everything that we talk about.


  • An exclusive Facebook group to keep the conversation going between sessions

  • Ongoing text and email access to your coach who can cheer you along the way

  • Access to my preferred list of perinatal providers with personal introductions

  • Discounts on private New Parent Success and Breastfeeding classes

  • And many surprise BONUSES throughout the 6 months!


Max participants: 8  

Investment: $1495

Hi! I'm Amanda - Your coach and guide for this journey


I started working with new families in 2014 as a postpartum doula, a lactation educator, and a facilitator of new parent groups. These experiences, as well as my own as a mother of two, have validated my belief that there is no one "right" way to be a parent and we all have parenting instincts that are good for our families. Sometimes we just need a little help along the way.

Becoming a mom is an intimate and vulnerable phase of life for both you and your baby. You deserve to have someone with experience and professionalism guide you every step of the way.

Amanda Hemm


My new family was absolutely enriched by Amanda’s presence as we began our first chapter. I was so glad I had Amanda at my side. I really feel like many of the practices I’ve grown to rely on as a mom in this first year I can trace to Amanda. Informed by her professional experience, she guided me and my husband in a way that was both gentle and encouraging. And through it all, she was a delight to be with. 

~ Katherine, Cambridge, MA


I cannot recommend Amanda enough. She balanced her professionalism with down-to-earth wisdom, humor and kindness. She was our rock during this wonderful but stressful life transition. Our family is stronger because of her. We are forever grateful!

~ Jessica, Concord, MA


Feelings of anxiety and depression were overtaking us, and we knew we needed help. Amanda listened to us describe our situation and was instantly the calming presence we needed. She encouraged us to trust our instincts while at the same time talking through options with us. With her help and her answers to our questions, we finally began to feel more confident in our parenting skills. ~Jennifer, Waltham, MA

Frequently Asked Questions

Asking questions is a BIG part of why this group exists. Ask me anything!

What topics are covered in the monthly sessions?

While discussions about newborn care, feeding, and sleep will certainly come up, the focus of this group is on YOU and your transition to parenthood. We will explore questions like:

  • What can I expect in the first few weeks at home?

  • How do I prioritize both my career and my family going forward?

  • What do I need to do now to set myself up for success?

  • Is anyone else feeling this complicated tangle of emotions?


Why is there an application?

This program was designed specifically for women who want to take charge of their pregnancy and postpartum preparation. It is for women who want to smooth the road ahead and aren’t afraid to put in the work now. The application ensures that those who are in the group fit this description. 


How many people will be in the cohort?

To foster the relationships and camaraderie that new parents need, it is crucial that the cohort stays small. There will be a maximum of 8 participants.


Can’t I just Google and read parenting books to get the same information?

Sure, you could do that. Lots of people do. But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone holding your hand, giving you the right information at the right time without having to muddle through all of the Google-scaries? Plus, social media only goes so far when it comes to building long lasting, supportive mom friends.


What if I’m not ready to share my pregnancy with the world yet?

No worries! This group is entirely private and what we discuss stays confidential within the group. When you choose to disclose your pregnancy is entirely up to you.


Let’s do this! Where do I sign up?

Glad you asked! Start by clicking here.

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