Expectant Parents

Expectant Parents

With every new baby comes a new parent. Are you ready?

You have taken the classes and read all the books. You've experienced the joy of cute baby clothes, decorating the nursery, and choosing the perfect name. 

But what your transformation into a new parent?

Working with a New Parent Success Coach you can become the parent you have always wanted to be - with less stress and more joy.

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Baby Steps to Parenthood

Everything you never knew you never knew about becoming a parent

Preparing for baby is more than a Pinterest nursery and the "right" baby gear! In this one-hour combined coaching/consulting session, we will talk about what you can do to prepare that actually brings confidence and peace of mind in a way that is not at all overwhelming. The session will include:

  • Top "I wish someone had told me..." topics from experienced parents

  • A Postpartum Planning guide

  • Workbook to guide you every step of the way

$147 for a 60 min session.

Journey to Parenthood

3 month individualized coaching & consulting package

Comprehensive Bundle!

When your baby is born, you are also born as a parent! Imagine having someone by your side every step of the way - encouraging you, providing valuable insight, and helping you grow into the mom or dad that your baby deserve. The "Journey to Parenthood" bundle provides an unparalleled level of care to expectant and new parents. Through the end of your pregnancy to home with a new born to returning to work, you will have access to continuous support and build a strong foundation for success for the years ahead.

  • New Parent Success Class

  • Postpartum Plan creation

  • 12 coaching sessions

  • 2 in-home or virtual postpartum doula visits

  • Access to my preferred resources

  • On-going text and email support

Contact me to discuss if this is right for your family.

  $2099 for a 3 months of support

"My new family was absolutely enriched by Amanda’s presence as we began our first

chapter. While I had the foresight to hire a postpartum doula, I know now that I was not

prepared for how challenging the postpartum time can be. I was so glad I had Amanda

at my side. I really feel like many of the practices I’ve grown to rely on as a mom in this

first year I can trace to Amanda in those first few weeks. Informed by her professional

experience, she guided me and my husband in a way that was both gentle and encouraging.

And through it all, she was a delight to be with. 

 In short, I highly recommend this generous, nurturing, kind (and smart!) soul to anyone looking for postpartum care."

Katherine S.
Cambridge, MA

Prenatal Coaching and Education

Single Coaching Session

A non-judgmental space where you can talk about the emotions and logistics associated with becoming a parent with someone who has experience and perspective. At the end of the hour, you’ll have identified a single, simple goal and a plan to make it happen. I will send you an accountability email a few days after to help you take that step.

 $99 for a 1 hour session

3 Session Coaching Bundle

As you near the end of your pregnancy, you want the knowledge, expertise, and resources that an experienced professional can provide. We will explore your current challenges, celebrate your wins, and help you develop a strong foundation as you transform into a new parent. You will identify priorities, create a plan for your postpartum, and take steps to make it a reality. At the end of our time together, you will feel confident as you prepare to meet your baby. This is your journey and I am here to support you every step of the way.

$275 for 3 sessions or $500 for 6 sessions (prenatal or postpartum)

New Parent Success Class

Having trouble finding a newborn prep or infant feeding class that covers exactly what you are looking for? I can create a customized planning session in the comfort of your own home - either in person or via Zoom. Topics could include breastfeeding, newborn care, parent self-care, nutrition, building your support network, and more as requested. I’ll work with you to help you feel confident and prepared to welcome your little one into your home.

$225 for a 2-hour class.

Are you ready to invest in your success as a new parent?

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