Covid-19 Info

We are in this together!

There is no guide book for being a new parent in a global pandemic!

And there is no one "right way" - every family is different and circumstances are constantly in flux. We are all doing the best we can.


At Baby Steps New Parent Care, our #1 priority is to be transparent and meet you at your comfort level. Sometimes that means meeting virtually rather than in-person.


Keep reading for our guidelines and helpful resources.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Communication is our top priority. Expect Amanda to talk with you about your expectation regarding COVID practices and you are encouraged to ask her any question. We know it can be awkward having conversations about exposure, personal protection measures, and symptoms. Let us help by just diving into the subject. Have a question? Just ask. We are committed to transparency. 

Currently, Amanda is working with a limited amount of families in person in order to reduce interactions. 

Before coming to the home, or upon arrival, Amanda and the parents will discuss what additional measures may be taken. These will vary from family to family based on everyone's comfort level and may include:

  • Parents wearing masks

  • Deciding if you'd like Amanda to hold the baby or keep distance

  • Deciding how much distance Amanda should keep from other family members

  • Other measures per family request

  • During all in-home visits, Amanda will wear a mask and wash hands frequently.

If in-home visits are not feasible or desired, virtual visits are available.

The guidelines and risk factors surrounding Coronavirus are constantly changing and as such this information will adapt as the situation seems safer or risker.


As of early February 2021, Amanda wears a mask when out in public, keeps social distance when applicable, and frequently washes hands or sanitizes after touching things in public places. In general, she minimizes trips to the store and isn't going to restaurants. She occasionally may travel to Vermont which is not currently on the safe travel list for MA and requires a 2-week quarantine period or testing upon return. Amanda will be fully vaccinated by early March 2021.


Her children go to school on a hybrid model - two half days a week with less than 12 kids per classroom. Her husband is a public school teacher and is in the classroom with high schoolers every day. Her family has 2-3 other families that they include in their social pod.

COVID Resources


To help answer some of the most common questions that parents ask, Soutiens - a company founded by Amanda - put together a series of interviews with parenting and wellbeing experts who share advice and perspective for working parents who are extra busy in the days of COVID-19 juggling new work and home situations.

Parenting in a Pandemic 


Anxiety and depression are at an all time high because of the pandemic. If you feel like you are struggling, or even might just feel something is off, please seek help. Here are some resources that can help. Or let us know and we can find you support.

Postpartum Support International

Postpartum Support International of MA 

Jewish Family & Children’s Service

MCPAP for Moms